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The overall tone of the book is friendly and conversational, but the facts and recommendations are clearly backed by copious research. The book contains discussions about the impact of self-esteem on libido, provides a great list of alternatives to intercourse, and points out important distinctions in how men and women generally approach sex. It also includes direct examples of sexual dysfunction that can be related to autoimmune diseases, and has an amazing metaphor for taking the stigma away from the use of sex toys.

   ... I think including issues faced by older individuals is part of the overall attempt to point out that there is nothing wrong with facing challenges in your intimate life – and that a very large percentage of the population is likely to experience these issues at some point in their lives.

   By far my favorite part of the book is that it is sprinkled with true stories, both experiences Ms. Zink has had with her patients and even some from her personal life. I loved how these examples normalized issues that can feel so uncomfortable or embarrassing, as well as modeling how a conversation with your healthcare on this subject provider might go. 

   My first conclusion was that I wished Ms. Zink could be the nurse waiting for me – waiting for all of us! – on the other side of the exam room door! But as she clearly can’t look after all of us in person, I’m so grateful that she’s taken the time to write this book full of advice for initiating this important discussion with your own healthcare provider and with your partner.

   And for those who still aren’t getting the support they need? She has an extensive list of other resources for you to investigate too.

---Mariah Z. Leach, founder,

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Iris Zink, BSN, MSN, ANP, RN-BC skillfully blends evidence-based advances in medical practice with real-life examples of her patients' journeys to provide an honest, practical, and thought-provoking book for people with chronic health conditions, and their partners. We were made to love and be loved, but when we are sick, in acute and chronic pain, the ‘fear of getting hurt’ in relationships becomes literal. In our culture, this is often embarrassing to discuss, and leaves many feeling depressed and hopeless. Iris shares practical tools so patients and health care providers have a place to begin the conversation, beginning with a heart-based approach of hope and a guide on restoring ourselves and others when impacted by a severe and chronic illness. A must-read for anyone [who] has become lost in the pain and isolation of illness, as well as for health care providers [who] are looking for a resource to offer patients that is a blend of wisdom, humor, and science.~Maria VandenBoom MSW, CSW

"An excellent resource, addressing an important, often overlooked topic."---Robert H. Phillips, Ph.D., author of 

Newly Diagnosed? Now What? 153 Strategies to Help You 

Take Action and Cope After Your Medical Diagnosis (Coping Press, 2018)

"Iris has written a text that provides healthcare workers and patients living with chronic health concerns or disabilities with a thorough introduction to topics and toolkits for maintaining sexual intimacy. Peruse the text by most relevant topics or read it cover-to-cover in a couple of sittings for a wealth of information and ideas. Iris addresses common myths, their origins, and a path to healing that practically anyone can leverage for a more satisfying touch life." ---Justine Braford, LMSW, CST 

Sex--Interrupted is a fantastic resource ...for health care providers, patients living with disabilities or chronic illnesses, and their partners. The book is as comprehensive as it is accessible. It is a wonderful combination of good clinical and statistical information, presented in a very straightforward and practical way. In her book, Ms. Zink’s open, accepting, and kind approach in dealing with patients is easy to see and to appreciate in the clinical vignettes she includes. They provide a useful template for having plain-spoken conversations with patients about a topic that is difficult for many to discuss with their health care providers. She approaches this topic with both a passion and compassion that is easy to see. I would highly recommend this book to both my colleagues and my patients. --Chris Bojrab, MD

This book is for everyone, not just people living with a chronic illness. Iris does a beautiful job of putting down the groundwork for a healthy sex favorite "Myth" chapter is: “There comes a time when sex is not important.” I love how she takes down this long-held belief. Easy to read and also comes with resources including alternatives to intercourse and other toys. A must have book. --Monica Richey, Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner

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